The 13th Tale: A Story of Epic Fates and Adventure

Adventure 01: Rough and Tumble Retreat
From the Front lines to the back support nothing but trouble

Early morning, no idea how many days it has been. Still in the trenches fighting greenskins. I found the commander to my left and two more of our company to my right, Night is by my side always but that is another story. Hearing howls as three charge the line closest to us we hear the fight breakout up and down the light.

I won’t go into the details of trench combat, the short answer is even the fleeing die.

With out area secured the Commander gave me a dagger to use on an Orc Shaman possibly to the south, if I don’t find him report into the Fort there and find out more about why the greenskins attack they way they do, they’re stronger than they should be and given the number they’ll eventually beat the door down. Already the sounds of combat breaking out behind the front lines could be heard. We made our way south trying to escape fighting along the way.

We came to a small farm with children about to be slaughtered by greenskins the group thought it best to avoid. Telling them they knew our location while firing my crossbow was probably the surly move. At least the children survived. The two greenskins did not.

Taking a path south through the forest supposedly would keep us safe via the children’s guardian, plans to follow later were made and I marked out path through the forest until we came back on some of my markings. Eventually we found a woman willing to help us. The scout explained she was fine after having a private discussion. When offered food all declined besides the Halfling Scout. The fight that ensued was not one I was proud of. We left after I pulled up her skirt over her head… at least I think it was a she… and I’m not sure it was actually a skirt. Telling Night to raise the house having him dash into the house with a burning branch before escaping with us kept her distracted.

Realization now the sense of direction was off before I figured out the quickest way out of the forest. The discussion of just going South was brought up but I refused, I wasn’t going to give the old hag time to just do the same thing over so I just moved the kids and myself in what I felt was the safest direction, everyone could make their own choice on the way they wanted to go. We came out to see a caravan of refuggees beig attacked by a troll. I sighed and said that sucked for them before heading in the direction I needed to go.

A bit jaded now to be sure we dismissed helping people as orcs charged down from the hills taking people back with them for whatever bad fate the cards dealt them.

Faced with a few more goblin riders on bats and several more on foot guarding the bridge we went with a plan that seemed a bit crazy, the mage would disguise himself as a greenskin with us as prisoners he’d try and barrel his way through. If it didn’t work we’d just spring an ambush on the off guard goblins hopefully.


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